Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow.

Take back your right of choice.

The power to look and feel how you want.

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Get ultimate control over your hair, everywhere and anytime.

It was choice that first set mankind apart from the animals. That, and being slightly less hairy. Now, ByoLogyc puts choice in your hands, with ByoGrow. Whether you're seeking to re-grow your hair after a lengthy medical treatment, trying to find a way to turn back the effects of age, or even keeping that bikini line in line, ByoGrow offers you choice unmatched by any other product.

Have the ‘do’ of your dreams.

ByoGrow is sourced from sustainably harvested rainforest plant extracts rich in productive proteins that maximize growth, as well as other amazing technologies utilized by some of the animal kingdom’s deepest sleepers to keep living tissue alive, but dormant, during periods of hibernation.

Take back your right of choice.

Why destroy your natural wonders, why kill your hair follicles when you could just access them when and wherever you choose? ByoGrow’s formula harnesses some of the most powerful tools in nature to keep your hair looking great. You can be shaggy as a beast or as smooth as a baby in no time at all.

More is always better.

ByoGrow is a three part topical salve designed to be custom formulated by you. By mixing the ByoWhite™ application crème with either the suppressive ByoBlue™ or regenerative ByoGreen™ serums, you have the freedom to decide who and what you’ll look like today.