The cure for everything
that stops you from doing anything.

It’s time for you to become new.

Don’t let nature stop you from doing the things you enjoy.
With ByoRenew, you might never be sick again.

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Available This Fall.

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Keeps your system clear of parasites and bacteria found in the great outdoors, so that you can enjoy the finer aspects of nature.

Why let Mother Nature and Father Time
decide how you should live your life?

Be protected against up to 90% of common ailments and infections, allowing you to realize your dreams, in your way. Choose from a number of subscription plans that help your immune system to obliterate specific sets of viruses and bacteria, based on the lifestyle you want. We’re all born unique, with biologies that define who we are, but also defy what we imagine ourselves doing. ByoRenew is here to change all that, by changing what’s inside you into whatever you need it to be.

Don’t just change—evolve.

We did. Through our groundbreaking work combating SARS and H1N1, we learned a great deal about the misunderstood life form known as the virus. A virus in itself isn't harmful—rather, it’s the information that it transfers. Like a piece of software, a virus is just a tool, a way of conveying orders to a system. ByoRenew is a friendly virus—one programmed with the signatures of thousands of its dangerous brothers, so that it can recognize and destroy them. What's more, the ByoRenew "software" is updatable, so you can stay safe against diseases not even discovered yet.

Live life your way, every day.

ByoRenew’s unique subscription program is unlike any other health care service in the world. By joining yourself with ByoRenew, you can enhance the defense of your body’s immune system up to 90%. But who do you want to be? Like always, we have choices for you. Want to live the fast-paced urban game and never have to slow down? Subscribe to the Work Hard, Play Hard plan. Looking to enjoy your retirement like you’ve always dreamed of? Get our Golden Years plan. Visiting 12 countries in 12 days? The Globetrotter plan sounds right for you!

Your DNA is the key!

Once you start your ByoRenew subscription, you’ll receive a Welcome Package including a free primer pill. Immediately after you take it, specially encoded XNA will be produced within your system, and excreted through your saliva. This allows us to analyze the XNA produced by your unique genealogy, and start to produce booster pills that are encoded to your specific genome. No one else can take these pills -- only you. You can rest easy knowing that what's inside you can't be tampered with, and that no one can ever take what’s rightfully yours.

All viral or genetic changes, including but not limited to, mutations, evolutions and/or new life forms, and any or all biological information they may contain or communicate, remain the sole intellectual property of ByoLogyc Inc, and the user waives all rights to ownership or royalties over its use.