Caitlin + Jon

Darnell Ellis, chef

Edward Robinson, actor

Chester Bowman, comic

Grace Sparrow, mother

"Living in zero gravity for extended duration can really take toll on my lustrous locks. ByoGrow lets me put hair to 'sleep' when in space so I can 'wake it up' when back home!"

Vladimir Kaptsov, ISS crew member

"Brian and I knew we wanted another baby and adoption is a little last year. I knew it was time to try for our own and ByoBaby helped me bring two gorgeous, healthy, perfect twins into this fabulous new world."

Angie, mother of 6

"Donations for Haiti were pouring in, but we didn't know how best to put the funds to good use, to help keep those poor people alive. ByoEnrich made it possible to keep people healthy while we could work on rebuilding."

Lucy Monroe, activist

"I was starting to go bald, but I was up for this role that required me to have a full head of hair. My agent recommended ByoGrow. Well look at me now! Six seasons and a movie, bitches!"

Dutch Lander, television actor

"We worried for our grandson. He has such potential and we wouldn't want to see it go to waste. If it weren't for our suggestion of ByoMate, we thought he might never ask her to join our family!"

Liz, grandmother

"When we were trapped in that godforsaken mine, after the second week we knew we were going to run out of air. And after 68 days, I think we might have died if it weren't for ByoBreath. Thanks ByoLogyc!"

Tomas Vargas, rescued miner

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