ByoLogyc gives you the power to take your health, and your happiness, into your own hands.

Life is full of inventions and interventions. ByoLogyc stands proudly at forefront of both.

Too long has the biotech industry suffered under the restraints of limited visions and determined by variables that hold back, rather than move forward, the evolution of mankind. The modern world expects more from the people who claim to take care of them, and at ByoLogyc, we think they deserve it.

Most companies in the market today force the public to adjust to their products. Our goal is always to provide the individual with everything they need to be their best, and our belief is that you know what’s right for you, so who are we to tell you where, when and how to better yourself?

The old adage reads: If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got. And so, we at ByoLogyc strive to continually discover and develops techniques and technologies that reach beyond the horizon of the possible, and consistently endeavor to supply the best products we can so that not only you, but humanity as a whole, take destiny into its own hands.

ByoLogyc: Persistence. Potential. Perfection.


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Hewson Getram founds ByoLogyc in Toronto, Canada, a pharmacological company involved in the creation, production and distribution of traditional health care products and generic drugs.


Fear of SARS prompts Canadian Government to seek help in developing a substantial reply to the virus. ByoLogyc, under the direction of Dr. Davian Baxter, responds with ByoSar, which actively speeds up this process by inducing humoral and cellular responses, bringing down fever and raising white blood cell and platelet counts within hours of it being administered.


ByoLogyc releases ByoEnrich, a veritable alphabet of vitamins and minerals that is applied as a patch, a simple, non-obtrusive second skin that can be worn anywhere and that releases vital energy all day long.


ByoLogyc founder Hewson Getram passes away, having dedicated his life to the betterment of other people's. With a heavy heart but a clear mind, his son Chet Getram agrees to follow in his footsteps and is named CEO of ByoLogyc.


ByoLogyc releases ByoGrow, a hair regenerative, derived from natural occurring plant extracts, harnessing some of the most powerful tools of rejuvenation in the natural world. It's also a hair suppressant, with formulae based on the various techniques utilized by the animal kingdom to keep living tissue alive, but dormant, during periods of hibernation.


ByoLogyc releases ByoBaby, a three stage inoculation program that uses cutting edge stem cell research and harnesses the unlocked potential of the human genome, in order to provide a biologic tutor for the developing child, ensuring it avoids poor developmental choices.


ByoLogyc releases ByoBreath, an oral spray, sourced from the oxygen-distilling efficiency of marine mammals, that coats the lungs with a layer of organic distillation cells, extracting up to 25% more oxygen than normal, causing the user to vent unused oxygen back into the air.


Working with the Public Health Agency of Canada and National Microbiology Laboratory (NML), ByoLogyc was a key part of the endeavor that mapped the genetic code of the H1N1 swine flu virus. ByoLogyc helped to improve the speed and efficiency of the vaccine, (based on technology invented during the creation of ByoSar), and turned over its own manufacturing power in order to help meet the world’s need for the vaccine.


ByoLogyc launches ByoMate, a physical stimulant developed from the natural world’s most potent aphrodisiacs, the pheromones sourced of nature’s most virile lovers, and the lasting connection of the animal kingdom’s most loyal species.